Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lacquered Lover is now on Divine Caroline!

Good afternoon my fellow lacquered lovers!  Just a quick post today to let you all know about something very exciting happening in my world!  I am now officially part of the "Pretty Pack" which is a group of beauty bloggers on the awesome website Divine Caroline!  I will be bringing you some really fun and easy nail art tutorials there every Thursday!  Here is a little peek at this week's tutorial:

Above:  China Glaze Kinetic Candy and OPI I Have a Herring Problem

Click HERE for the full post!


  1. Beautiful! I love the color combo!

  2. these colors look gorgeous together :)

  3. This is a simple look. Love the color combo!

  4. Always good to post links to easy to do nail art. Many of us need a set of other eyes and another set of hands right here with us to do anything artist like at all! I also like the color combo. When I get tired of a color that is not ready for a change...this is a good thing to do vs. just putting a topper on it or tossing on some stickers.

    1. Oh and good part, since I am so inept in picking out colors for stuff like this - I have both these shades!


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