Friday, June 8, 2012

Fun Friday featuring Whimsical Ideas By Pam Seuss and Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Good afternoon my fellow lacquered lovers!  Happy Friday!  I'm very excited it's the weekend but I'm more excited about my post today!  First, a little story.  About a month ago, I ordered three nail polishes from the awesome indie brand Whimsical Ideas by Pam.  I had seen swatches of Seuss and knew I wanted it!  So, I ordered them and they were sent and everything was fine and dandy until somehow, my package got lost!  It said it got delivered but I live in a huge apartment building and somehow, after 2 weeks, I knew it was lost and gone forever.  So I contacted Pam and asked her if I could please re-buy the polishes because I really wanted them!  She said of course but that she was out of the glitter for one of them and would get back to me.

Fast forward to last night and I get a package from Whimsical Ideas by Pam.  Inside was the three polishes I had ordered and a note from my nail polish BFF Wendy wishing me a happy early birthday!  My birthday isn't for another 12 days but Wendy contacted Pam so she could get me the polishes for my birthday and so I wouldn't re-order them!  Pam was in on it, hence the little white lie about the glitter shortage and it was such an amazing surprise!

Above:  Suess and Saturday Morning Cartoons bottle and macro shots
There is a third polish as well but I only used these two for my "Carly" manicure today.  Now, without further ado, on to the polish!

Ok I know that's a lot of pictures but these polishes are amazing!  What you see above is three coats of each polish which made both of them opaque!  Seuss is a sky blue jelly packed with large silver hex glitter, smaller red hex glitter and tiny silver glitter.  Tell me this doesn't remind you of The Cat in the Hat and Thing One and Thing Two!  I love it!  Saturday Morning Cartoons is a dark blue jelly packed with red, silver, and green glitter!  It's so sparkly and fun!  Both of these are awesome and look super fun together!

All in all, I love these polishes!  Whimsical Ideas by Pam can be found HERE and she gives instructions on how to order!  Once again a HUGE thank you to Wendy for my amazing early birthday surprise!  Sometimes it's really amazing how awesome this nail polish community is and the random acts of kindness that people can do! 

What did you think of this manicure?  Are you a fan of these polishes?


  1. I've been eyeing these on your facebook posts... such incredibly fun polishes!

  2. beautiful! pam is awesome about being sneaky like that! she pulled something like that with me too! gotta love her!

  3. Seuss is my fav! So pretty on you!

  4. Wow what a lovely surprise! Such beautiful polish x :-)

  5. This looks so pretty! I love me some Whimsical Ideas by Pam! I have four of them (so far!), and have used two. LOVE them, and Pam is awesome!

  6. See, this is one of the many reasons I absolutely love indie companies. I recently pre-ordered some polishes from Rainbow Honey. I got the invoice yesterday and I had to cancel my order because I am so low on money I couldn't afford them anymore. A few hours later I received an e-mail from Dee and she said that she understood but to pick one of the colors and she would still send me a mini bottle! So sweet! And she definitely didn't have to do it. I love the personal interactions like that; you would never have something like that with China Glaze. Anyway, on to your polishes; I love these! Seuss has actually been on my wishlist for awhile now; it's so fun and totally makes me think of Dr. Seuss books. These two look great together!

  7. I like Saturday Morning Cartoons better in the bottle than on the nail, but Seuss is soooo nice!

  8. This is so fun!!!! I love it. I really want to get some polish from Whimsical. Soon I hope :)

  9. How wonderful of Wendy and Pam--hope you have a great birthday!

    I really do need Seuss in my life. Such a perfect name for one of the cutest polishes I've ever seen!

  10. I love these two polishes together! I never would have thought to pair them up but now that you did, I think it's brilliant. Pam is one of my favorite indie designers right now!!


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