Friday, June 1, 2012

Lacquered Lover is a NARS Finalist! Help Me Win!

Good afternoon my fellow lacquered lovers!  Exciting news in Lacquered Lover land!  Last weekend, I entered the NARS Thakoon competition on Instagram.  The rules stated to show your best nail and lip look using NARS products so I whipped up a really fun gradient manicure and did some bold red lips and entered!  And, I made the top 5 finalists!  So now it's time for everyone to go vote!  Click HERE to go to NARS Facebook page and vote for me please!  I'd love to be in the top 3 to win a prize!  I'm currently in second place by a lot so if all my amazing readers can go vote for me, that would be fab!  Let's take a look at my entry!

My lips are NARS Matte Lipstick in Heat Wave which is a gorgeous orange leaning red.  My nails are a gradient done with NARS Amchoor and Lal Mirchi from the Thakoon Collection!  First prize is a limited edition Thakoon scarf, the Thakoon nail polish collection AND $500 worth of NARS Cosmetics!  Since I already own the Thakoon nail polish collection, I'm going to do something super fun with them if I win (think contest or giveaway!) 

I would absolutely LOVE it if you guys could take a few seconds and go to vote for me!  I have so much fun blogging and interacting with you guys all the time and if you could do me this favor and "like" NARS facebook page and vote for my entry (the first one shown above) that would be incredible!  Once again, just click HERE and vote for the Lacquered Lover entry!

What did you think of this nail and lip look?


  1. You pull off the red lips SO WELL! And the nails are fab too :)

  2. Voted and posted it on my page. Good luck!

  3. Great mani and I voted for you! I hope you´ll win!

  4. Cute mani!
    I voted for you:)


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