Thursday, July 5, 2012

LAQA & Co Nail Polish Pen in Pimpin' Swatches and Review!

Good morning my fellow lacquered lovers!  Happy Thursday!  I hope all my fellow Americans had a nice day off yesterday and all the international readers had a fabulous Wednesday!  Today, I have a brand that was new to me, LAQA & Co.  The idea behind LAQA & Co is that they only do nail polish pens (and also super cute lip pencils that I'm dying to try!)  What's really cool about them is that they have young up and coming artists design their really cool boxes!

Super cute!  And, the artists get a cut of every nail polish pen that's bought which is awesome, I'm all for supporting up and coming designers!  Now, without further ado, on to the polish!

Above:  3 coats of Pimpin'

Pimpin' is a HOT pink creme nail polish!  This color is bright and really fun and is certainly perfect for summer!  I had a bit of trouble with the application at first because it was hard to gauge how much polish was coming out of the tip.  The way this works is that you pump the button on the back (in the picture below you can see the pink part, that's what pumps) and a drop of polish comes out of the brush end.  Since you can't really control how much comes out, it takes some practice to be able to paint your nails with this and so I ended up with some bald spots that took 3 coats to cover.  Here is what the pen and brush look like:

Once I got the hang of this, it was much easier and this is a great way to travel with nail polish.  The packaging is sleek and you don't have to worry about glass breaking.  I did have some trouble with the application at first because I'm not used to using a pen and not controlling the amount of polish on the brush but I'm pretty confident that the next time it will be much easier for me!  LAQA & Co retails for $15.45 and is available HERE on their website.

What did you think of this polish?  Are you into the nail pen idea?

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  1. I've always worried about buying nail polish pens, because I feel like the brush would get dried polish all over it. Do they have a way to safeguard against this?

    1. You can just clear off the brush with nail polish remover if it hardens however the seal is pretty air tight so that shouldn't happen!

  2. I have some sally Hansen pens and I dint care for them. Especially nit at that steep price point!

  3. This is awesome! I've wanted to try these for a while now.

  4. looks great! I haven't tried any nail pens yet.

  5. I have some Sally Hansens I picked up for a buck a pop that I don't mind using on my toes, especially on vacation! They're metallic though so noticeably streaky on my nails unfortunately!


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