Friday, August 17, 2012

365 Days of Color My Little Cuppycake, Too Pink to Function and Head Peach in Charge Swatches and Review!

Good afternoon my fellow lacquered lovers!  Happy Friday to you all!  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend lined up.  My weekend will consists of friends tonight, major apartment cleaning and swatching some gorgeous polishes for you all!  But first, today I have some brand new polishes from a great indie brand, 365 Days of Color!  Now, without further ado, on to the polish!

Above:  2 coats of Head Peach in Charge

First up is Head Peach in Charge!  This is a really interesting polish!  The base is a light peach and it's full of small glitters in red, blue, green, gold and silver (I think I got them all!) but it also has really fine micro-glitter that gives it a dusty look unless you're looking right at it and seeing that it's glitter!  This is definitely something unique in my collection!  The formula was great, opaque in two coats, no dragging and no having to dig for glitters, even in a mini bottle!

Above:  2 coats of My Little Cuppycake

I'm seriously in love with this polish!  My Little Cuppycake is a white jelly base that is packed full of rainbow matte glitter in all shapes from bars to hexes to shards!  It's so cute!  It reminds me of funfetti frosting and I love the different sized glitters that make it stand out against other glitter in white bases.  The formula was great on this, opaque in two coats and easy to get out the glitters!

Above:  2 coats of Too Pink to Function

Last but certainly not least is Too Pink to Function.  This polish is a baby pink jelly full of multicolred and multisized matte glitter.  The special part of this one is that it has a fine blue shimmer throughout that adds a little something extra!  The formula was great on this one too, opaque in two coats and easy to get out the glitter.

All in all, I really liked these polishes!  They are definitely unique in my collection and I think my favorite is My Little Cuppycake!  I just love the rainbow shards in it, it's so fun!  All of these polishes plus a few more from this collection were released today at 365 Days of Color's website HERE with minis at $4.50 and full sized bottles at $8.

What did you think of these polishes? Any must haves? Any dupes?

The products in this post were sent to me for my unbiased review. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.


  1. I love Too Pink To Function. Very pretty!!


  2. I like Too Pink To Function!!

  3. So cute! Your post completely ruined my no buy day, went to website and purchased Summer Dream. lol

  4. Head Peach In Charge is gorgeous! It looks like it could be called My Little Cuppycake too haha. I love these!

  5. I love the little dot glitter in "Head Peach In Charge".


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