Friday, August 3, 2012

Lacquered Lover at Cosmoprof featuring Barielle and Shany!

Good morning my fellow lacquered lovers!  Happy Friday to you all!  Today is a special day for me because today is my last day at work at the job I've been at for 3 years.  I'm very excited about my new endeavor because it's finally making my dream of working in the beauty field a reality!  I will give more details once I start but first, let's continue on our journey through Cosmoprof!  Today I will show you just a few snippets of Barielle and Shany at the event!  Now, without further ado, on to the polish!!!

First is a Dainty and Delicate set by Barielle of all pinks, peaches, whites and nudes.  These polishes are perfect for the professional, a wedding, anywhere that your nails should look clean and nice.  Good basic colors to have!

Obviously I'm a sucker for anything NYC related but I love the shades in this collection.  The green/teal, red, greys all scream NYC in the Fall!  I don't have an exact release date but I was told sometime this Fall!

Barielle is also coming out with a Runway Collection that's also for Fall that has a vampy brown, deep blue shimmer and more neutral cremes to balance it out!

Shany is a company I haven't had the pleasure of seeing or working with yet and they have a HUGE line of nail polish, cosmetics and basically anything beauty related you can think of!

A GIANT eyeshadow palette from Shany!  Seriously I'd love to have this, think of the makeup possibilities!

A cute french manicure set that has everything you need from a nude, pink, white, topcoat toe separators, file, orange stick and clean up brush!  I love being able to get everything in one place!
 A really cute magnetic set!  Comes with six polishes in rich jewel tones and a few different magnet shapes!  I really love magnetics and I'm loving that more affordable brands are starting to carry them!

Shany has some awesome nail art stripers from glitters to neons to pastels.  The pastels are really unique since most brands that I've seen don't have them!

Look at all these different nail art items!  There are 3D fimo, flakes, glitters, microglitters, all sorts of fun stuff to put on your nails! 

The last thing I snagged a picture of was Shany's stamping plates!  I've never tried them before but I've heard fabulous things about them!

All in all, some great stuff here from Barielle and Shany!  Makeup, nail polish, nail art, you name it and I saw it all at Cosmoprof!  Stay tuned for a few more posts about the awesome booths I saw!


  1. ♥ it!!!! thanks for sharing:) I am loving the Barielle Dainty and Delicate Shades

  2. I've seen Shany all over Amazon but never knew the quality! How is it? Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. I love the giant eyeshadow palette! I wish I had all of the green ones.

  4. Oh my, I would have been running around this thing like a sugar-amped kid in a candy store, giggling like mad the entire time. @_@

    Your new job sounds like it's going to be really exciting!

  5. Oh my! That giant eyeshadow palette!!!!!


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