Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Guest Post by Christopher Box of Hair Extension Geek All About Hair Extensions!!!

Good evening my fellow lacquered lovers!  Happy Wednesday to you all!  Tonight, I have a really special post for you all!  As some of you may have seen, during NYFW I had the very amazing opportunity to get hair extension!  I had met a fabulous stylist, Christopher Box, while backstage at a show in February.  When he was coming back for Fashion Week in September, he asked if I'd like to try out some great tape in hair extensions from Easihair Pro.  Since cutting off my hair last year I've been missing my long locks so I jumped at the chance!  You can read all about my adventure at Lacquered Lover Gets EasiHair Pro Extension for NYFW!  

I absolutely love them!  Since then I've gotten a ton of questions from you guys all across my social media (as well as questions from everyone who has seen me in person) about the extensions.  Who better to tell you about them than the man who did them?  Now, without further ado, I give you Christopher Box!


I met Carly at NYFW last season behind the scenes of Porter Gray. I was there supporting easihair pro extensions. You wouldn't believe how much extensions are used on the models of Fashion Week!

Carly was super cool and gave me some fab suggestions on restaurants in NYC. We swapped some conversation about her blog and mine: She gave me her card and when I got back I checked out her blog site: I loved her style and I realized immediately that our sites were very much related. In my opinion, nails are extensions too!

Flash forward to Fally 2012: I was green lighted from easihair pro to do some makeovers on some beauty bloggers while back in town for New York Fashion Week. Carly was the first person that popped into my mind. I knew she would be perfect for easilengths tape hair extensions. 

I got her scheduled and ended up applying the extensions in a teeny tiny tic tac sized hotel room. She was a great sport about the cramped space. I think maybe the wine helped a little. When I got done I was in love with her big sexy hair. She really knows how to carry the look well. A lot of what makes something work is the attitude behind it. 

I realized when I got done doing Carly's hair extension makeover that she probably would be getting lots and lots of questions about her new look. That's why when I got back to Hair Extension Geek Headquarters I went through our archives and put together my top 10 Favorite Hair Extension Blog Posts.

Educational and Entertaining, these posts will give you all the info you need to get your very own hair extension makeover!

Top 10 Best Hair Extension Blog Posts
1. How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost | Part 1: Just how much do they really cost? Find out some basics that will get you pointed in the right direction. It is all about the research.
2. How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost | Part 2: DR Hanson (not Doctor, it is pronounced D like the letter and R like the letter) travels the Route 66 researching just how much exactly do hair extensions cost. He hits up 3 salons and they weigh in on this much debated question.

3. Hair Extension Myths and FactsMove over Big Foot there is a new mythical beast in town. Get the scoop on what is real and what is hype.

4. Sex and Hair Extensions | How to Handle an Intimate Moment with StyleIt is okay to blush. I did when I asked Extension Expert, Jennifer Pompa, to write this. It is well written and is a question that my clients over the years have asked many times.

5.  Bad Hair Extensions | The Tale of Happy Meal BarbieTurns out Barbie doesn't have everything. Have seen her bad pastic wig? A guide on how to avoid her fatal mistake that finally drove Ken away.

6.  Why Your Stylist is Running Late | It’s All Your FaultEver wonder why your stylist is running late? Here is the true story and how to help avoid this situation.

7. The JPompadour Extension Style Tutorial:  What do with your hair once you have extensions in. Styling hair extensions can be a little different than styling your own hair. This is a cool style that marries the pompadour, a braid, and a little bit of messy boho chic.

8. Easilengths Tape in Hair Extensions | A Review: This is the kind of hair extensions that I used on Carly. This video breaks down how the product works.

9.  The Truth about Hair Extensions | The Horror StoryCue the theme from Halloween. Get some popcorn and dim the lights, we are about to go on a journey of some scurry weave ladies.

10. Where Hair Extensions Come From: My personal journey to China with easihairpro. I got to see how hair extensions are manufactured and produced. Be nice, this video is my personal journey and was not intended to be anyting but a rambling mess of fun!


So what did you guys think?  Would you try tape in hair extensions?


  1. These extensions look FABULOUS in person....maybe even better than the wonderful pictures of you! Could this be the new picture of you for the website? What do all the other readers think??

  2. Your hair! I absolutely love it. Your so stunning :)

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