Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lacquered Lover Gets Easihair Pro Hair Extensions for NYFW!

Good morning my fellow Lacquered Lovers!  Happy Saturday!  Today, I have a really special post for you!  As some of you might remember, about a year ago, I cut 14 inches off my hair to donate to the charity Locks of Love.  Fast forward to February NYFW and I met a fantastic stylist named Christopher Box who was there styling for the Parker Grey show!  I was a little lost as it was one of the first shows I ever attended so Chris and his awesome team were hanging out with me and we hit it off!  Fast forward to this week and in preparation for the NYFW shows this week, Chris very kindly offered to give me extensions so I would look fabulous!  Let's start with my before picture:

Don't judge my bad hair, it was a million degrees in NYC and SO humid that day!  :)

 Getting started!  Chris was fantastic!  The way these extensions work is that they take a very small section of your natural hair and sandwich it between two of the Easihair Pro extensions!  It's totally painless and the transformation is amazing!

 Here is one of the panels of extensions and the brochure for Easihair Pro!  Since my hair has an ombre thing going on now, he used a bunch of different colored extensions to make sure they blended!

Yep, they gave me wine, that always helps when doing a hair change!  I purposely was facing away from the mirror because I didn't want to see it until it was all done!

A close up shot of Chris sectioning off some hair to attach some of the extensions!  You can see some of the length there already!

And here is the final result!  I absolutely love it!  It's so full and voluminous and they feel like my real hair!  I love that you can't see the attachment at all and since it's human hair, I can style it as usual!  These were so painless and easy to have applied and the final result is amazing!  I've gotten so many compliments on these in the last few days and I can't wait to start showing it off at Fashion shows today!

My new favorite stylist Chris is based out of Dallas but luckily for all of us, he has all sorts of amazing websites and social media we can check out!  Easilengths Tape In Hair Extensions is the brand that makes these awesome tape in extensions that were used on me!  I was hesitant and didn't want to do anything like sew in ones and these are an amazing alternative!  If you want to find a salon near you to have them done, check out Hair Extension Geek!  And check out Chris's own blog at Christopher Box!   He has great posts all about Fashion Weeks he participates in and all sorts of fun stuff!  A HUGE thank you to Chris for giving me gorgeous locks to rock for NYFW!

What do you think of my new hair?  Have you ever done extensions?  Would you?


  1. You are beautiful, and that hair - wow! It looks stunning!

  2. Super amazing!! and I would totally do extensions! I totally want some now :D

  3. This is beautiful, your hair looks gorgeous even before though :)

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  6. Love your new hair, and loved this post. What fun! Thanks for taking us along for the ride.


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  8. Hi there! Wonderful blog. You're looking great in your new hairstyle. Cheers!


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