Friday, September 14, 2012

Zoya at Rafael Cennamo for NYFW Spring 2013 Collection!

Good morning my fellow lacquered lovers!  Happy Friday!  I hope you all have some wonderful plans for this upcoming weekend!  So, to kick off the weekend, I thought I'd show you a bit of my last weekend at NYFW!  I was so fortunate to be invited backstage by Zoya for the Rafael Cennamo Presentation!  I had such an amazing time seeing the nail and makeup looks created and then getting to see the final looks on stage!  Now, without further ado, on to the polish!

Above is all of the polishes that were used on the models!  Each model had a different color on their hands to perfectly match the dresses.  Apparently designer Rafael Cennamo is a huge fan of nail polish and went through about 35 polishes with lead manicurist Sunshine Outing and two tests to make sure the nails would be a match to the clothing he designed!  I love that they used everything from Greys like Caitlin to a blue like Yummy to a silver like Trixie to a black like Raven!  You don't expect to see a black or a dark grey in a Spring Collection but it worked so well!

Above is one of the models getting her Bobbi Brown makeup done,  They used false eyelashes not only on the upper lash line but also on the cheeks below the eyes to give a really unique and dramatic look.  One of the models kept saying she felt the lower lashes moving every time she smiled!

Above is the models in full makeup, nails and hair modeling it for us.  They were all so sweet and happy to show off their Zoya nails (which they kept raving about!)  I absolutely love how the makeup looks with the strong brow, heavy liner with a cat eye and of course, the lashes.

After being backstage, I was lucky enough to go into the full presentation to see Rafael Cennamo's Spring line and it's just stunning.  Check out the pictures below of his amazingly detailed dresses.  And check out the shoes, they are so cute!

All in all, this was a fantastic day!  A huge thank you to Rebecca Isa and Erin Giddings of Zoya, it was amazing to get a chance to talk to them all about Zoya and fashion and what goes into a sixth season at NYFW!  Also be sure to check out Gotham Polish for her amazing Fashion Week coverage as well!  I had a blast hanging out with her at the show!

Could you name all of the Zoyas that were used?  Which were your favorites?  What do you think of the amazing clothing by Rafael Cennamo?


  1. Love the nails & makeup! Gorgeous clothing! But your photos? Freaking phenomenal. You are living the dream!

  2. That is incredible that you were able to go backstage! The dresses are absolutely stunning and I love how on some of the looks they paired the shoes with lace-y socks....adorable!!!! I could see how they went through so many bottles of polish :-) Gorgeous!!!

  3. Pretty dresses!!! And must love the lacquers offcours

  4. It looks like you had an amazing time. And so many pretty Zoyas! I love that designers are paying so much attention to their models' nails--it really completes the look! :D

  5. That minty green taffeta (I think it's taffeta, lol) is so gorgeous, and I just love the strapless, belted grey dress with the rose bodice. Honestly, I'm too mesmerized by the clothes to be bothered with the polish, lol. ;)


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