Friday, October 5, 2012

Fun Friday's Featuring a ManGlaze Saran Wrap Nail Art Manicure!

Good morning my fellow lacquered lovers!  Happy Friday!  I hope you all have some fun weekend plans in store!  I know I will be swatching a ton of fun stuff for you guys!  Today, I have a really fun Nail Art I did a few weeks ago featuring three of my favorite ManGlaze nail polishes, Lesbihonest, Mink Mittens and Matte is Murder.  Here are some macro shots as a little teaser:

Doesn't it kind of look like lace?  Are you curious what the actual manicure looks like?  Now, without further ado, on to the polish!

I did this manicure using saran wrap!  Since the polishes are all matte they dried really fast so this was a really quick, easy nail art!  I just love how textured it ended up looking and I especially loved the contrast on the nails with Mink Mittens and Matte is Murder!

What did you think of this manicure?  Are you a fan of this style of nail art?


  1. I personally love the saran-wrap technique. It's a SUPER easy way to give a mani some interest or spruce up a mani that's showing some wear. I love the colors you used!

  2. I love the look of this. I really love this technique too, it's so easy and fun and it's always such an interesting design.

  3. I love saran wrap nails! It's so easy and it looks really cool.

  4. Love it! One of these days I will try one of these...

  5. This looks so purrrrrrrrrrty! You have me curious about trying the saran wrap technique!

  6. This is a really interesting mani! And you're right--it does look like lace. At first, it kind of just looked like a typical crackle polish, but I had to do a double-take. :)

    I love the colors you chose. It's kind of glam rock.


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