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China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away Collection Swatches and Review!

Good afternoon my fellow lacquered lovers!  Happy Friday!  I apologize for the lack of posts lately but I've been swatching up a storm and am back on track!  So for today, I wanted to show you an amazing new collection that I learned about at Cosmoprof back in July but wasn't allowed to share until now!

China Glaze has released a new 12 shade collection with the new 3D movie Cirque Du Soleil: World's Away.  I've been to a few Cirque Du Soleil shows and these bright colors and glitters are definitely in line with the whimsical attitude behind their shows!  Now, without further ado, on to the polish!



Above:  2 coats of China Glaze Def Defying

Def Defying is a bright chartreuse cream nail polish.  I just love the word chartreuse!  These colors can look a little weird on me since I have a lot of yellow to my skin but surprisingly, this one wasn't too bad!  The formula was rather thick so I found it best to apply two thin coats and allow some time in between to dry so you don't get dragging.


 Above:  3 coats of Running in Circles

Running in Circles was a real stand out in this collection for me!  It looks like tiny pieces of green glitter or even a bit of flakes in a tinted green base that has flashes of gold.  I couldn't even capture the beauty in pictures but it is stunning!  The formula was rather thin so I used three thin coats for full opacity, with just two I could definitely see visible nail line.


Above:  3 coats of Water You Waiting For

Water You Waiting For is a mix of multiple sized glitters in blue and green in a dark blue jelly base.  There is a lot of glitter in here so you can definitely reach full opacity.  This is a top coat eater, I used two coats of top coat in the pictures above to make a smooth finish.  The formula was a bit thick so three thin coats worked well for full opacity.


 Above:  2 coats of Surreal Appeal

Surreal Appeal is a beautiful coral/pink creme.  It's almost bordering on neon in real life and is slightly more orange leaning than I could get in the picture.  The formula was a bit thick but two thin coats gave full opacity.

 Above:  1 coat of Whirled Away over 2 coats of Surreal Appeal

I was super excited for Whirled Away when I first saw it!  Whirled Away is a clear base with black bar glitter and hexagonal glitter interspersed with large white hexagonal glitter.  Unfortunately, this polish was not that easy to work with.  I had to work to fish out the glitters and they tended to clump together. It's a cool polish if you're willing to work for it a bit.


 Above:  2 coats of Escaping Reality

Escaping Reality is a HOT pink creme!  This color definitely falls into the realm of neon.  The really cool thing about this polish is that it dries to an almost rubberized finished like the Illamasqua rubber polishes.  You can put a topcoat on for a shiny effect but I love it like this!  The formula was a bit thick on this one so two thin coats works best for full opacity and minimal dragging!


 Above:  2 coats of Igniting Love

Igniting Love is a BRIGHT red creme with bits of pink undertones to it.  This is pretty close to a neon red if that color existed!  The formula on this was the best of the cremes, two coats for full opacity and easy to use.


Above:  2 coats of Hanging In The Balance

Unfortunately this shade looks a bit washed out in my pictures but it is amazing in person, a true bright blue!  I love how vibrant it is!  The formula was good, opaque in two coats and fairly easy to use.


 Above:  3 coats of Creative Fantasy

I have a love/hate relationship with Creative Fantasy.  I absolutely LOVE the bright royal purple creme shade and I love the slightly rubberized finish.  However, the formula looked streaky and even with three coats, you can see bald spots by the cuticle.


 Above:  2 coats of Bend Over Backwards

Bend Over Backwards is a gorgeous deep red shimmer with lots of orange in it.  This is a unique take on a classic red and I really like it!  The formula was really good on this one, opaque in 2 coats and easy to use.


 Above:  2 coats of It's A Trap-Eze!

It's A Trap-Eze! is a very light purple milky jelly base that's full of multicolored glitter in different sizes.    It's like every jelly sandwich I've ever made without the hassle of all the layers!  It's really gorgeous but requires lots of top coat.  The formula was a bit thick on this one but if you let it dry between layers, 2 layers makes it basically opaque.


Above:  1 coat of Get Carried Away over 1 coat of Finger Paints Black Expressionism

The formula on Get Carried Away frustrated me so I thought it was best to show one coat of it over Finger Paints Black Expressionism.  Get Carried Away is a black jelly full of silver and pink hexagonal glitter and black bar glitter.  This formula was thick and clumpy and definitely would need some nail polish thinner.

All in all, I can appreciate what China Glaze was doing with this collection, but some of the formulas need to be tweaked a bit.  I love the combination of glass fleck, glitter, rubberized and creme polishes in this collection and some of them are truly gorgeous.  This collection's official release date is December 1st but I've heard it's been popping up in stores already!

What did you think of these polishes?  Must have?  Any Dupes?

The products in this post were sent to me for my unbiased review. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.


  1. I love the brighter colors and the rubber finishes, , I also like the glitters for the most part, but I do not like the inconsistency's in the formula. That can drive me bananas..LOL! Thanks for the great swatches and honest review.

    1. I agree, they all look great but the formulas are so difficult!

  2. I've been so stoked for this collection! Awesome swatches, Carly :) I really like Igniting Love, Creative Fantasy, and It's a Trap-eze (that is such an OPI name, lol). Bummer about the formulas, though... I'll probs have to think on these a little more. ;)

    1. If you dont' mind fighting with the glitters a bit, they look gorgeous!

  3. I've been so excited for this collection--I just love that they're putting out such a bright, colourful collection in the middle of winter, and those glitters are really cute! Most excited about the greens, I think. Def Defying is such an awesome shade, and I love the pretty finish of Running in Circles!

  4. Carly! It' calling, ring, ring, ring, yes is that you? yes, we like the blog. has a blog thing going on at our site, come check it out. No, No, don't hang up. Bye!:)

  5. Thanks for the post! It's so helpful to see the polishes used before I buy them.

  6. Awesome post and review! Thank you! I picked up Surreal Appeal and It's A Trap-Eze yesterday, but I went in wanting more, picked up Whirled Away, opened it and could NOT get out white big glitters at all, so disappointing. I had read how you'd had trouble too BEFORE going in, so I was prepared for this somewhat. Thank you again for the great pics and wonderful review! ♥

  7. Felicitaciones, escogieron lindos tonos , desde Lima - Peru, nosotros también somos fans de China Glaze!!
    Vossa Salon


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