Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Guest Post by Alexis of XOXO Alexis Leigh!

Good afternoon my fellow lacquered lovers!  Happy Wednesday!  I hope you all had a lovely holiday!  Today I have yet another fabulous guest post by the lovely Alexis over at XOXO Alexis Leigh !  I hope you are all enjoying these awesome guest posts while I'm away!  Now, without further ado, on to the polish!


Hi Lacquered Lover readers! I am ridiculously excited to be here sharing on Carly's blog! My name is Alexis and I'm a nail and beauty blogger on my blog, For my guest post I wanted to do something that really represented my blog and me but I seriously struggled! I'm not going to lie, I did my nails 4 times before I finally settled upon something I really liked! I think all of the time payed off though because I am seriously in love with these nails. One of my favorite nail trends (seen a lot by nail artists like NailsByRegina, Hey Nice Nails, and AstroWifey) is skittle nail art so that's what I did today :)

I used a combination of white acrylic paint, LVX - Grey Matter, LVX - Tribute, and China Glaze - Glistening Snow. On my pinky I started with a base of Grey Matter, created the drips using Tribute, outlined the drips with white acrylic paint, and then drew on "shine spots" with Glistening Snow. On my ring finger I started with a base of Glistening Snow then drew on the damask/baroque type print with Tribute. On my middle finger I started with a base of Tribue then sponged on various blues and greys to create a galaxy effect. I used white acrylic paint for the starts and used Glistening Snow and WingDustCollections - Dancing Queen for the holographic accents. On my index finger I started with a base of Grey Matter, sponged on Tribute, drew on stripes with Glistening Snow, and added silver star rhinestones. Oh my thumb I used Tribute, then drew on stripes with white acrylic paint and Grey Matter. After that I added a 3D bow and painted over it with Glistening Snow. Whew, that's a lot!!!

I used Nail Nation 3000 - 45 Second Top Coat (which is my favorite top coat!) on all of my nails to create a smooth glossy finish! I hope you guys liked this mani as much as I did :D Blue is my favorite color so I had to include it and I have a weakness for holo! Thank you again, Carly for having me, it was so fun!!!!!!

Are you guys a fan of skittle nail art or do you prefer a more uniform look when it comes to your nails?


I'm seriously obsessed with this manicure!  I wish I had these nail art skills!  Thank you so much to Alexis for sharing this gorgeous look with us!

What did you think of this manicure?


  1. Really pretty skittle art. And yes, I am a fan of 'most' skittles. I know I could never wear the acrylic bow on this mani however - it would knock off in nothing flat. I am not a clutz...but things need to be flush to my nails or gloves and things won't fit right. I am funny about only really liking to wear flat rings - cuff bracelets only too. Love the shades you used on this one. thanks for guest blogging!


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