Friday, August 31, 2012

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish Swatches and Review!

Good afternoon my fellow lacquered lovers!  Happy Friday to you all!  I hope you all have fun long weekends planned (if you are in the US that is!)  I will be heading up to my parents house with the boyfriend for a few days to hang out with the puppy, lounge by my friends house and all in all relax from the craziness that is my new job!  But first, I wanted to share with you the gorgeous new magnetic nail polish collection from Sally Hansen!  I'm showing you these both with and without flash so you can see how very pretty they are!  Now, without further ado, on to the polish!


Above:  Electric Emerald

Electric Emerald is beautiful!  This is a deep forest green that with the magnet separates into an even darker green with a lighter, frosty green magnetic design.  I love that it almost looks like microglitter! 

Above:  Golden Conduct

I'd say that Golden Conduct is more bronze and warm toned than gold but it's still beautiful!  This dark bronze gets an almost silvery brown with the magnetic design.  This also has tiny microglitter in it that really shows up with the magnetic effect!  I love it! 

Above:  Graphite Gravity

I think Graphite Gravity is the most unique in this bunch!  At first, it looks like a charcoal shimmer but with the magnet, vivid black appears!  I love it!  It virtually looks striped!  Seriously gorgeous for Fall!

Above:  2 coats of Kinetic Copper

I've recently started getting into copper shades because it looks better on my skintone than gold.  Kinetic Copper is a copper with microglitter that with the magnetic effect gets a vibrant dark brown separation with a copper.  It's beautiful! 

Above:  Polar Purple

Polar Purple is a deep purple with the microglitter in it.  When it separates it gets a lighter, frosty purple stripe in it!  This one looks the most three dimensional to me and I love it!

Above:  Silver Element

This was definitely the most glittery of the bunch!  Silver Element is a beautiful microglitter silver that gets deep charcoal stripes in it with the magnetic effect!  I think it's my favorite silver magnetic I own!

All in all, I loved these!  The magnetic effect is very strong and the caps come with a wavy magnet built in that has the little cuticle lip which makes these super easy to use.  I love the ones that have the microglitter in them because it really makes the magnetic effect sparkle!  And I love that there is a black one in here, just really beautiful.  The formulas on these are a bit thick so I painted each nail once, let it dry for a few minutes, and then did a second coat with the magnet to get the full effect.  These polishes are now available wherever Sally Hansen is sold!

What did you think of these polishes? Any must haves? Any dupes?

The products in this post were sent to me for my unbiased review. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

KB Shimmer Fall 2012 Collection Swatches and Review!

!Good evening my fellow lacquered lovers!  Happy Wednesday!  I don't usually post at night but this is for a special collection!  Tonight, I have 5 of the fabulous new glitter nail polishes from indie brand KB Shimmer's Fall collection!  Now, without further ado, on to the polish!

Above:  3 coats of Jack

First up is Jack!  Jack is a fabulous Halloween themed nail polish.  It's a black jelly full of orange glitter in all different shapes from hexagons to bar glitter to tiny little round glitters!  I love how great it looks with all the layers, like a pre-made Halloween glitter jelly sandwich!  The formula was great, not too thick, opaque in 3 coats and the glitter was easy to get out!  Top coat smoothed out all the roughness from the glitter

Above:  2 coats of Oh Splat!

I love white polishes with rainbow glitter and Oh Splat! is no exception!  Oh Splat! is a fairly opaque white nail polish with multicolored small and large hexagons scattered throughout.  It reminds me of funfetti cake!  Two coats and a top coat made it perfectly opaque and smooth plus the glitter was super easy to get out!

Above:  3 coats of Quantum Leaf

This is the only polish I swatched without a top coat so you guys can see that while they dry gritty, they even out really well with just one coat of topcoat.  Quantum Leaf (love that name) is the perfect Fall polish.  It reminds me of the trees in autumn!  This is an orange jelly packed with gold and red glitters.  It's really beautiful for Fall without being dark!  The formula was great, the the glitters were easy to get out and three thin coats made it opaque!

Above:  2 coats of Toucan Touch This

Toucan Touch this is a really vibrant lime green jelly full of bar and hexagonal glitters in blue, yellow, orange and green glitter.  I was surprised to see a shade like this in a Fall Collection but I love the unexpected!  Even on my skin tone it didn't made me look too washed out!  The formula is great, opaque in two coats and the glitter was easy to get out.

Above:  2 coats of Witch Way?

I took a lot of pictures of this one because I wanted to show the amazing glitter!  Witch Way? is another Halloween themed polish!  This is a stunning deep dark purple jelly full of holographic glitter!  I love how it glows when the flash hit it!  The formula was great, opaque in two coats and just really beautiful!

All in all, this is a fabulous collection!  There are a few other colors that I don't have but I've seen some swatches and they are gorgeous!  I love that all the glitter was easy to get out with these, no fishing for them and the formulas all went on very smooth with no dragging!  The Fall collection will be out on September 1st at their website HERE!  

What did you think of these polishes? Any must haves? Any dupes?

The products in this post were sent to me for my unbiased review. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

Lacquered Lover's Divine Caroline Cherry Nail Art Tutorial!

Good morning my fellow lacquered lovers!  Happy Wednesday!  I hope you're all having a lovely week.  I have a TON of fun swatches coming up for you guys (indies, glitters, magnetics, fall shades, all sorts of fun stuff) and am working on getting them written up for you!  But, to bide the time, I thought I'd share another one of the fun and easy nail art tutorials I had done for Divine Caroline!  Now, without further ado, on to the polish!

Cherries!  And they are super easy!  I love doing them as an accent rather than every finger the same!  It makes it more wearable to me!  I got so many compliments on this nail art that was so easy to do!  To find out all the colors used and how to do this manicure, head over and read the full tutorial on Divine Caroline HERE!

What did you think of this manicure?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

OPI Germany Collection for Fall 2012 Swatches and Review!

Good morning my fellow Lacquered Lovers!  Happy Sunday!  I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!  I'm working hard to have some beautiful nail polishes to show you over the next week!  This morning, I have the beautiful Germany Collection that OPI has released for Fall 2012.  There are a lot of polishes and a lot of pictures so get excited!  Now, without further ado, on to the polish!

Above:  2 coats of OPI Berlin There Done That

Berlin There Done That is one of several neutral shades in this collection.  Berlin There Done That is a greige type color (grey and beige) with the tiniest hint of purple to it.  The formula was good, opaque in two coats and easy to use.

Above:  2 coats of Danke-Shiny Red

Every time I read this name I think of Ferris Bueller!  Danke-Shiny Red made my camera freak out a bit.  It is such a bright, vibrant, glow-y red that it's coming out too pink in my pictures!  It's absolutely stunning.  The shimmer is beautiful and it's so bright!  The formula was great, easy to use and opaque in 2 coats.

Above:  2 coats of Deutsche You Want Me Baby

Anyone else get the Human League song in their head when they see this name?  No?  Just me?  :)  Deutsche You Want Me Baby is orange so I apologize for the reddish looking photos.  It's much more "burn orange" in person than "red tinged orange" as this looks.  This is a beautiful orange for Fall!  The formula was opaque in two coats and easy to use.

Above:  2 coats of Don't Pretzel My Buttons

This name was a bit of a stretch but I still like it!  Don't Pretzel My Buttons is another neutral from the Germany Collection.  It's a light nude shade but as you can see, it makes my skin look a little red!  The formula was good, opaque in two coats but one of my least favorite from the collection.

Above:  2 coats of Don't Talk Bach to Me

I was very surprised to see a color like this in a Fall Collection but I kind of like it!  Don't Talk Bach To Me is a very yellow toned light green shimmer.  It kind of reminds me of a less neon version of wasabi. The formula was nice, opaque in two coats and I think this is kind of an ugly-pretty color!

Above:  2 coats of Every Month is Oktoberfest

Hands down, this is my favorite color in this collection!  It's so complex!  This is a dark blue-toned purple base with some red, gold and a hint of purple shimmer to it.  It's almost like a duo chrome in that the sides look a bit blue.  I adore colors that have the glow from within look to them and this blackened shimmer definitely fits the bill!  The formula is great, opaque in two coats and so pigmented!

Above:  2 coats of German-icure by OPI

German-icure by OPI reminds me of some of the deep, blackened shimmery reds that OPI does so well (Royal Rajah Ruby, Midnight in Moscow, etc.)  German-icure by OPI is a beautiful blackened dark red that is just shy of looking black when not in direct light.  It has the same glow from within look as Every Month is Oktoberfest.  Definitely my second favorite of the group!  The formula was great, opaque in two coats and lots of pigment.

Above:  2 coats of My Very First Knockwurst

My Very First Knockwurst is another neutral shade in this collection.  This one is definitely a bit more pink leaning as a nude.  The formula was good, opaque in two coats.

Above:  2 coats of Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine!

Well that name is a hilarious mouthful!  Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine! is a beautiful dark grey creme with a ton of green in it.  I don't think I've ever really seen a green toned grey like this before and it's definitely my favorite creme from this collection!  The formula was great, opaque in 2 coats and tons of pigment!

Above:  2 coats of Schnapps Out of It!

Schnapps Out of It is a really interesting color.  It's like a more rosy, darker version of a coral.  I'm not sure how else to describe it!  There is also a very subtle silver shimmer to it which gives it a very interesting look.  The formula was good, opaque in two coats and fairly pigmented.

Above:  3 coats of Suzi and the 7 Dusseldorfs 

Suzi and the 7 Dusseldorfs is a bright purple that definitely leans towards red.  This shimmer is a bit sheer but the vibrancy of the shade builds up with each coat.  The formula was a bit thin on this one so I used three thin coats to reach the most rich and opaque application.

Above:  3 coats of Unfor-Greta-bly Blue

Unfor-Greta-bly Blue is a dark royal blue, it's not quite navy and has a bit of a brighter tinge to it.  Like Suzi and the 7 Dusseldorfs, the shade is a bit sheer so it builds up and becomes more vibrant with more coats.  The formula was a bit thin so it took three coats for full opacity.

I also did a bit of nail art using Unfor-Greta-bly Blue, Suzi and the 7 Dusseldorfs and Danke-Shiny Red by doing the gradient below:

All in all, this was a pretty nice Fall collection from OPI!  I liked the surprising choice to have Don't Talk Bach to Me in there and really fell in love with Every Month is Oktoberfest, Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine! and German-icure by OPI!  The OPI Germany Collection is now available for $8 wherever OPI is sold.

What did you think of these polishes? Any must haves? Any dupes?

The products in this post were sent to me for my unbiased review. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.


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