Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Guest Post by Glisten and Glow!

Good afternoon my fellow lacquered lovers!  Happy Tuesday!  I'm still off on my Finland adventure but the lovely Jill from Glisten and Glow has done a guest post for me!  Now, without further ado, on to the polish!

Happy Tuesday Everyone
Thrilled to be guest posting for  Carly from Lacquered Lover!  My name is Jill, shop owner of Glisten & Glow LLC - http://www.glistenandglow.bigcartel.com . Today I’ll be reviewing and showing swatches of 5 of the 6 new Essie Madison Ave hue Spring 2013 Collection!

Carly, has been doing such an amazing job covering NYFW! She definitely deserves a vacation!  I thought it would be only fitting to review a NYC name based/related collection!

Let’s get our POLISH ON! Essie sure knows how to make a crème polish look amazing!

Madison Ave- Hue

“Chic Upper East Side pink steps out in style, turning any ensemble into a million dollar baby. Cha-Ching”
 Such a pretty pink for the spring, bold/vibrant enough yet not to overpowering, Madison Ave- Hue has a beautiful shimmer to it and let’s not forget that signature shine.

Go Ginza

“Soft cherry blossom pink invites you into a floating world of quiet luxury and exquisite beauty.  Domo Arigato”
What a beautiful pink/purple hue this gives off, especially in natural light. Go Ginza offers great coverage in 2 coats and super glossy finish. Perfect go to polish!
Avenue Maintain

“Fashionably adroit, lovely Parisian blue channels the je ne sais qual allure of the capital of chic.”
WOW, this blue is amazing!  It boasts an excellent formula and depending on the light can look quite bold or subtle.  It’s a true hit! Your nails just POP with color and “in a New York minute” your styling!

Bond With Whomever

“London’s calling. Pick it up in a posh lilac and click with the cultured clique- here, there and everywhere”
Purple Passionistas this is your potion!  Soft and delicate, almost allowing the polish lover to “smell” the lilac! Flawless application in 2 coats and such a versatile color for nail art!
Maximillian Strasse Her

“Bavarian savvy rules this regal boulevard in a cool grey green, you’re promenade queen, no tiara required.”
What a breathless color! Essie surely did an amazing job with this grey green! If you like Essie – Navigate Her you’ll fall in LOVE with Maximillian Strasse Her!  Works beautifully with this collection (esp. Bond with Whomever)  Spring Fever is in the air reminding the polish lover of the sun shining , birds chirping and green grass finally appearing as the last snow melts. Compliments on your mani will be abound when you “maximillian” your nails.

Hip –Anema (not pictured)
“Sashay down a sandy runway in a proppy bright red-orange and show ‘em whose the bossa. Work that beach.”

Overall,  I love this collection, it’s a good mix of bold/subtle! Pops of color, or muted tones of the crèmes of Spring. I found them to be very versatile with nail art, the more subtle shades melt well together creating a unique approach to nail art.  For the gal who loves her crèmes and wants a look that isn’t a total glitter bomb or holo.  Simple, clean and classy is what Essie is known for and this collection surely brings that to light! All of the photos were topped w. Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl top coat.
I love dots! Here’s some cute nail art!
Rumor has it may of these shades have near dupes for other Essies, you decide!
Madison Ave-hue - Essie Footloose
Hip-anerna - Essie Bazooka
Avenue Maintain - Essie Butler Please
Go Ginza - Essie Lilacism
Bond with Whomever - Essie Play Date
Maximillan Strasse Her - Essie Chinchilly
Essie Madison Ave hue Spring 2013 Collection is making its debut in March 2013
How cute are these?  I love the nail art!  Let me know what you think in the comments!


  1. Thanks Carly for posting these - first I had seen of 'em...I immediately thought of Butler Please when I saw this blue one - tho looks like this one has some green shimmer in it...but I won't hold my breath. Essie is so famous for shimmer that is only in the bottle and never translates to the nail. I can see it in your photo but I think only because of the flash - normal light my guess it it vaporizes! And yes - your calls on the others see close - certainly Play Date is been a fav of mine from last yr. I wore that shade a ton. The green one reminds me of an old OPI I have (forgetting the name). From the photos those 3 that are pastels look OK - they at least are not chalky looking. I doubt I would buy any of 'em unless I was in the drug store and just needed to puchase - and if the blue one has a good formula would dump Butler Please that least my bottle of it is really horrible - streaky and a mess to put on. I won't hold my breath for the red in this collection - I must have 35 Essie reds now and I tend to like warm reds so lots of them are in the red orange range...that said I really do like Essie Geranium which I found one from last year's release was dead on dupe for Essie Geranium. Seems since Essie sold, they are pulling out some of the old used to be only Professional shades and giving them new names.

  2. Beautiful nails and beautiful polishes! Nice job, Jill! =)

  3. Jill, you have awesome nails gurl. What a beautiful job!!!

  4. Wow, those are some awesome nail colors. Awesome ideas!
    clip in ponytail


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