Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lacquered Lover Backstage at Creatures of the Wind with NARS and CND!

This past Thursday I was lucky enough to go backstage at the Creatures of the Wind show to see the makeup look that NARS created for the show.  James Boehmer, Director of NARS Global Artistry, told me that they were using "nudes and geometric patterns in a strong way by creating a triangle on the eye" as the basis of the look for the show.

Above:  James Boehmer creating the look on a model

Above:  The triangle shape on the eye

According to Mr. Boehmer "It's like a cat eye in an unexpected color.  At first glance the girls look like they don't have a lot of makeup on.  Making the skin very matte, not a lot of skin care in this look.  Rose gold eyeshadow on top of the eyes to layer and make the texture stand out.  The shoes are an amazing patent leather rose gold pearl which was the color that I wanted to mimic on the makeup.  This eyeshadow looks good on every skin tone.  To get the shape, take an angle brush and carve out the shape on the top and bottom.  When the girl looks straight ahead it's a straight line and then just powder around so the skin isn't reflective to make the eye color stand out.  Just a bit of lengthening mascara on the top and bottom helps to make the eyes really defined.  A new product for fall, brow gel, helps to make the brows look a little more sprouty and gives a tiny bit of a sheen to the brow.  I want the skin to look totally clean and the lips just have a little nourishing eye cream to finish the look."

Here are a few photographs courtesy of NARS of the finished look:

The following products were used to create this look:

·        Sheer Matte Foundation
·        Loose Powder
·        Radiant Creamy Concealer (New for Spring 2013)
Available: US - February 15 2013 / Global - March 1 2013
For a similar effect, try Sheer Glow Foundation
·        Maldives Multiple
·        Copacabana Multiple
·        Nepal Single Eyeshadow
·        Alhambra Duo Eyeshadow
·        Loose Powder
·        Brow Gel
Available: US / Global - August 1 2013
For a similar effect, try Sheer Glow Foundation

The nail look for this show was created by CND using pre-made shellac nails.  According to CND "The designers conveyed to us the woman who wears the clothes are young and wanted to convey the youthfulness.  We wanted to keep the shape round and sporty.  For the colors, we chose color blocking which I love because it sets the base for the electric squiggles.  Just 4 different colors, orange, teal, blue and brown but when you layer them over different colors it gives more color options.  This is done with a detailing brush that this can be achieved which an ultra fine tip sharpie marker.  This style conveys energy, static energy, that is movement and is a very deliberate style with the squiggles going vertical to add length to the shorter nail style."

Here is a final look from the show in the amazing Creatures of the Wind clothing with full makeup and nails, image courtesy of NARS:

What did you think of this look?  Wearable?  Would you try it?


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