Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lime Crime Velvetine Lipstick Swatches and Review!

Good afternoon my fellow lacquered lovers!  Happy Thursday!  Hope everyone on the east coast survived the snow this week!  I was up taking care of my parents dog and got a TON of swatching done so be prepared for a bunch of new posts!  Now, if you follow my Instagram or Facebook pages (@lacqueredlover) then you know of my love for makeup.  Today, I'm going to share with you some of my favorites from the past year:

These lipsticks from Lime Crime are a liquid lipstick that within a few minutes dries to a super matte finish.  I can easily get 8 hours of wear out of each lipstick, including meals, without really having to reapply.  The great thing about each of these is that they literally do NOT come off on anything, not cups, not utensils, not even with smooching!  They can be a bit runny when applying, so I always use a clear lip liner when wearing these to help prevent feathering.

Above:  Suedeberry, Pink Velvet and Red Velvet within 1 minute of application.

Now, without further ado, on to the lippies!!!

 Above:  Lime Crime Pink Velvet

 Above:  Lime Crime Pink Velvet with makeup

Pink Velvet is a bright, vibrant, HOT pink lippie!  It's brighter on the lip than it looks even in the bottle but it's the perfect hot pink shade.  I find it's light and bright enough to wear either day or night!

Above:  Lime Crime Red Velvet

 Above:  Lime Crime Red Velvet with makeup

Red Velvet was the original Velvtine lipstick and is a true bright red.  This shade definitely isn't blue or pink leaning and just gives you a retro, 1940's matte red lip.  It might be my favorite red.

 Above:  Lime Crime Suedeberry

Above:  Lime Crime Suedeberry with makeup

Suedeberry is somewhere between an orange, red and coral lip color.  It's really bright and fun but you need a bit of spunk to pull this shade off!

All in all, I'm kind of obsessed with these lipsticks.  I've bought all three in the last year and can't wait for more shades!  They last longer than any other lipstick I own and I can't think of anything that has the same matte finish that doesn't transfer on ANYTHING!  These are all available on the Lime Crime website for $20 each and are definitely worth it in my opinion!

What do you think of these lipsticks?  Any must haves?  Any dupes?


  1. Replies
    1. Me too! they apply so well and the color payoff is incredible!

  2. I wear red velvet right now :D I love it, I have to buy all! <3

    1. Red Velvet was my first and it is red lippie perfection!

  3. These are lush! I wish we could get them easier in the UK x

  4. OMG at the pink velvet! LOVE it!

    1. The pink is quickly becoming one of my favorite lipsticks! It's so matte and bright and the lasting power is incredible!

  5. I have been wanting these so badly but they are always sold out! My favorite is Pink Velvet!

  6. I've heard such great things about these...I've been dying to try! I think I'll be picking up their burgundy one when it comes out, because I wear that type of shade more often than the others!


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