In this website, I have created several categories of forums for us to talk about nails, lacquers and the wonderful world of nail polish. I sincerely hope that you will all contribute to make this forum meaningful and to ensure engagement with other lovely ladies.

To start with, I have posted the first comments on each of the forum sites, feel free to add in your own. If you want to start a thread, feel free to do so.

Nail Care

Carly: Is there anyone who would like to share some tips on how she takes care of her nails? I am always on the lookout for the best advice on how to keep my nails healthy. For starters, I always put some oil on it so that it will not dry out. What about you?


Carly: So, 2017 is about to end. And hopefully, I hope the trend of grayscale nails will end as well. I don’t know about you but I was never a fan of grayscale nails. I found it too boring, imagine just blending in some black and pewter nail polish!

Tina: Hey there Carly. I actually like the grayscale nail trend. I loved using the Inglot Nail Enamel 960. Have you tried it? It’s really wonderful and gives a bit of a goth look. I guess it all depends on the mood and your style of course.

Carly: Hi Tina, thanks for the response. I love Inglot but I just don’t like the grayscale color. As you said, it is a matter of style. But it’s nice to find someone who is really into it.

The Wonderful World of Nail Polish

Carly: For some people, the art of French manicure is so passe. But this is something that I still can’t get enough of. I feel that it is very classy and will never go away.

Steph: I agree with you Carla. I love French manicure too. Is there any other iconic nail polish style?