Carly's Stash

As of today, September 1st, 2011, the following is my polish collection!  I will keep updating as I keep adding! I have them broken down by brand, and within each brand (mostly) by color! 

Brand                                                    Name   

Avon                            Bare Necessity
Avon                            Grey Cement
Avon                            Mink Vision
Avon                            Red Wine
Avon                            Ruby Slipper
Avon                            Vivid Violet

Barielle             Berry Blue
Barielle             Blackened Bleu
Barielle             Coalest Day of the Year
Barielle             Cowl of the Wild
Barielle             Date Night
Barielle             Elle's Spell
Barielle             Glammed Out Garnet
Barielle             Grape Escape
Barielle             Hidden Hideaway
Barielle             Make it a Latte
Barielle             Polished Princess

Borghese                      Stellare Note

Butter London              Blagger
Butter London              Bluey
Butter London              Dosh
Butter London              Henley Regatta
Butter London              HRH
Butter London              Knees Up
Butter London              Lady Muck
Butter London              Marrow
Butter London              No More Waity, Katie
Butter London              Teddy Girl
Butter London              Victoriana
Butter London              Wallis
Butter London              Yummy Mummy

Chanel                          Graphite
Chanel                          Paradoxal
Chanel                          Peridot

China Glaze                  Agent Lavender
China Glaze                  Atlantis
China Glaze                  Bahamian Escape
China Glaze                  Black Mesh
China Glaze                  Broken Hearted
China Glaze                  C-C-Courage
China Glaze                  Caribbean Blue
China Glaze                  Celtic Sun
China Glaze                  CG In the City
China Glaze                  Cha Cha Cha
China Glaze                  Cowardly Lyin'
China Glaze                  Cracked Concrete
China Glaze                  Cracked Medallion
China Glaze                  Crushed Candy
China Glaze                  Dorothy Who?
China Glaze                  Emerald Fitzgerald
China Glaze                  Fault Line
China Glaze                  First Class Ticket
China Glaze                  Flying Dragon
China Glaze                  For Audrey
China Glaze                  Good Witch?
China Glaze                  Haute Metal
China Glaze                  Hey Sailor
China Glaze                  Japanese Koi
China Glaze                  Jolly Holly
China Glaze                  Kiwi Cool-Ada
China Glaze                  Latticed Lilac
China Glaze                  Let's Do It In 3-D
China Glaze                  Lightening Bolt
China Glaze                  LOL
China Glaze                  Midnight Mission
China Glaze                  Millenium
China Glaze                  Oxidized Aqua
China Glaze                  Paper Chasing
China Glaze                  Party Hearty
China Glaze                  Pelican Grey
China Glaze                  Phat Santa
China Glaze                  Platinum Pieces
China Glaze                  Pool Party
China Glaze                  Riveter Rouge
China Glaze                  Ruby Pumps
China Glaze                  Sea Spray
China Glaze                  Skyscraper
China Glaze                  Spontaneous
China Glaze                  Starboard
china Glaze                   Tarnished Gold
China Glaze                  Techno
China Glaze                  The Ten Man
China Glaze                  Tickle My Triangle
China Glaze                  Towel Boy Toy
China Glaze                  VIII
China Glaze                  White Out

CND                            Amythest Sparkle
CND                            Asphalt
CND                            Blackjack
CND                            Copper Pearl
CND                            Crimson Sparkle
CND                            Eclectic Purple
CND                            Emerald Shimmer
CND                            Gold Sparkling
CND                            Ice Blue Shimmer
CND                            Jade Sparkle
CND                            Perfectly Bare
CND                            Raisin in the Sun
CND                            Raspberry Sparkle
CND                            Sapphire Sparkle
CND                            Scarlet Shimmer
CND                            Silver Sparkling
CND                            Tropic Coral

Color Club                   Age of Aquarius
Color Club                   Chelsea Girl
Color Club                   Covered In Diamonds
Color Club                   Fashion Addict
Color Club                   Jackie Oh!
color Club                    Mrs. Robinson
Color Club                   Psychadelic Scene
color Club                    Snakeskin
Color Club                   Trippie Hippie
Color Club                   Twiggie
Color Club                   Wild and Willing
color Club                    Wild Orchid
Color Club                   Worth The Risque

Deborah Lippmann       Across the Universe
Deborah Lippmann       Bad Romance
Deborah Lippmann       Candy Shop
Deborah Lippmann       Don't Tell Mama
Deborah Lippmann       Forget You
Deborah Lippmann       Glitter in the Air
Deborah Lippmann       Happy Birthday
Deborah Lippmann       Lady Sings The Blues
Deborah Lippmann       Marquee Moon
Deborah Lippmann       Ruby Red Slippers
Deborah Lippmann       Today Was a Fairytale

Dior                             Tuxedo

Dr.'s REMEDY            BOLD Baby Blue
Dr.'s REMEDY            GLEE Gold
Dr.'s REMEDY            LOVELY Lavender
Dr.'s REMEDY            NURTURE Nude Pink
Dr.'s REMEDY            TRANQUIL Tangerine

Essie                            Berry Hard
Essie                            Bold and Beautiful
Essie                            Borrowed and Blue
Essie                            Braziliant
Essie                            Bungle Jungle
Essie                            Chinchilly
Essie                            Coat Azure
Essie                            Decadent Diva
Essie                            Fiesta
Essie                            Fiji
Essie                            First Dance
Essie                            Huckle Buckle
Essie                            Master Plan
Essie                            Mint Candy Apple
Essie                            Nude Beach
Essie                            Over the Top
Essie                            Poppy Art Pink
Essie                            Russian Roulette
Essie                            Sag Harbor
Essie                            Sassy Satchel
Essie                            Scarlett O'Hara
Essie                            Sew Psyched
Essie                            Shelter Island
Essie                            Shift Power
Essie                            Smooth Sailing
Essie                            Sole Mate
Essie                            Steel-ing the Scene
Essie                            Strawberry Shortcake
Essie                            Sweet Talker
Essie                            Swing Velvet
Essie                            Thigh High
Essie                            Trophy Wife
Essie                            Van D'Go
Essie                            Watermelon
Essie                            Wicked

Hardy Candy                Beetle

Illamasqua                    Baptiste
Illamasqua                    Phallic
Illamasqua                    Scarab
Illamasqua                    Viridian

KleanColor                  Black Out
KleanColor                  Blue Eyed Girl
KleanColor                  Born to Purple
KleanColor                  Chunky Holo Black
KleanColor                  Chunky Holo Bluebell
KleanColor                  City Never Sleeps
KleanColor                  Disco Ball
KleanColor                  Green With Envy
KleanColor                  Holo Chrome
KleanColor                  Metallic Black
KleanColor                  Mix Signal
KleanColor                  Silver Star
KleanColor                  Starry Blue
KleanColor                  Take a Hint

L'Oreal             Mystery
L'Oreal             Valient

MAC                           Biker Blue

ManGlaze                     Fuck Off and Dye
ManGlaze                     Fuggen Ugly
manGlaze                     Hot Mess
ManGlaze                     Matte is Murder
ManGlaze                     Royal Matterimoaning

Mattesse Elite               Capo
Mattesse Elite               Consigliere
Mattesse Elite               Goomah
Mattesse Elite               Pink Crackled
Mattesse Elite               The Boss
Mattesse Elite               Vig
Mattesse Elite               Whack

Milani                           3-D
Milani                           Cyberspace
Milani                           Gems
Milani                           HD
Milani                           Hi Res
Milani                           Hi-Tech
Milani                           Purple Gleam

Mood Struck                Purple To Light Pink
NARS                          Night Breed
NARS                          Night Flight
NARS                          Night Porter
NARS                          Night Rider
NARS                          Purple Rain

New York                    Alpha Jewel Glitter

NFU-OH                     51
NFU-OH                     52
NFU-OH                     56
NFU-OH                     59
NFU-OH                     60
NFU-OH                     61
NFU-OH                     62
NFU-OH                     63
NFU-OH                     64
NFU-OH                     65
NFU-OH                     66

Nicole by OPI              Love Your Life
Nicole by OPI              Make a Comet-Ment
Nicole by OPI              Make Mine LIme
Nicole by OPI              One Less Lonely Glitter
Nicole by OPI              Rich in Spirit


OPI                              Absolutely Alice
OPI                              All Rose Lead to Rome
OPI                              Austin-Tatious Turquoise
OPI                              Big Hair,...Big Nails
OPI                              Black Cherry Chutney
OPI                              Black Onyx
OPI                              Black Shatter
OPI                              Blue My Mind
OPI                              Blue Shatter
OPI                              Brand New Skates
OPI                              Catch Me in Your Net
OPI                              Cha-Ching Cherry
OPI                              Crown Me Already
OPI                              Cuckoo For This Color
OPI                              Dancing in the Isles
OPI                              DS Sapphire
OPI                              Extra-va-vaganza
OPI                              Flower to Flower
OPI                              From A to Zurich
OPI                              Funky Donkey
OPI                              Gargantuan Green Grape
OPI                              Give Me Moor
OPI                              Glitzerland
OPI                              Grape, Set Match
OPI                              Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow
OPI                              Holiday Glow
OPI                              I Lily Love You
OPI                              I'm Not Really a Waitress (2)
OPI                              Ink Suede
OPI                              Ink
OPI                              Kyoto Pearl
OPI                              Lincoln Park AFter Dark Suede
OPI                              Lincoln Park After Midnight
OPI                              Love is a Racket
OPI                              Lucertainly Look Fabulous
OPI                              Lucky Lucky Lavender
OPI                              Mad as a Hatter
OPI                              Man of La Mancha
OPI                              Manicurist of Seville
OPI                              Mermaid's Tears
OPI                              Merry Midnight
OPI                              Midnight in Moscow
OPI                              Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ
OPI                              My Private Jet
OPI                              Navy Shatter
OPI                              Not Like the Movies
OPI                              Ogre the Top Blue
OPI                              Pamplona Purple
OPI                              Pros and Bronze
OPI                              Purple With a Purpose
OPI                              Rally Pretty Pink
OPI                              Red Shatter
OPI                              Royal Raja Ruby
OPI                              Rumple's Wiggin
OPI                              Russian Navy
OPI                              Russian Navy Suede
OPI                              Sapphire in the Snow
OPI                              Servin' UP Sparkle
OPI                              She's Golden
OPI                              Shim-Merry Chic
OPI                              Silver Shatter
OPI                              Spark De Triomphe
OPI                              Suzi Loves Cowboys
OPI                              Suzi Says Feng Shui
OPI                              Suzi Skis the Pyranees
OPI                              Swimsuit,...Nailed It!
OPI                              Teal the Cows Come Home
OPI                              Turquoise Shatter
OPI                              Tutti Fruity Tonga
OPI                              We'll Always Have Paris Suede
OPI                              White Shatter
OPI                              William Tell Me About It
OPI                              Y'all Come Back Ya Hear?
OPI                              Yo-Ga To Get This Blue
OPI                              You Don't Know Jacques Suede
OPI                              Your Villa or Mine?

ORLY                          Space Cadet

Revlon                          Amber Ablaze

Sally Hansen                 Antiqued Gold
Sally Hansen                 DVD
Sally Hansen                 Ink Splatter
Sally Hansen                 LCD
Sally Hansen                 Snow Blast
Sally Hansen                 Vintage Violet

Sephora by OPI           212-Sephora
Sephora by OPI           Access 24/7
Sephora by OPI           Domestic Goddess
Sephora by OPI           Flurry Up
Sephora by OPI           Midnight Mambo
Sephora by OPI           Only Gold For Me
Sephora by OPI           Sparktacular

Sinful Colors                 San Francisco
Sinful Colors                 Secret Admirer
Sinful Colors                 See You Soon
Sinful Colors                 What's Your Name

Ulta                              Alter Ego
Ulta                              Berry Go Round
Ulta                              Blue Streak
Ulta                              Cabana Coral
Ulta                              Celebutante
Ulta                              Chocolate Kiss
Ulta                              Cocktails Anyone?
Ulta                              Girl Next Door
Ulta                              Grin and Berry It
Ulta                              Limelight
Ulta                              Purple Haze
Ulta                              Sun-Sational

Wet N Wild                 Black Creme
Wet N Wild                 Blue Wants To Be a Millionaire
Wet N Wild                 Buffy The Violet Slayer
Wet N Wild                 Grey's Anatomy
Wet N Wild                 Night Prowl
Wet N Wild                 Sage in the City
Wet N Wild                 SaGreena The Teenage Witch
Wet N Wild                 Teal or No Teal

Zoya                            Adina
Zoya                            Apple
Zoya                            Areej
Zoya                            Bella
Zoya                            Blair
Zoya                            Breezi
Zoya                            Caitlin
Zoya                            Charla
Zoya                            Crystal
Zoya                            Edyta
Zoya                            Faye
Zoya                            Harlow
Zoya                            Isla
Zoya                            Ivanka
Zoya                            Jules
Zoya                            Julienne
Zoya                            Juno
Zoya                            Kalista
Zoya                            Karina
Zoya                            Lisa
Zoya                            Lolly
Zoya                            Lordena
Zoya                            Marley
Zoya                            Mimi
Zoya                            Mitzi
Zoya                            Phoebe
Zoya                            Pinta
Zoya                            Robyn
Zoya                            Savita
Zoya                            Shawn
Zoya                            SoHo Punch
Zoya                            Suvi
Zoya                            Trixie
Zoya                            Valerie
Zoya                            Veruschka
Zoya                            Yasmin


And here are some pictures of my stash!

Entire Collection

Reds, Oranges and Yellows

Green, Blue, Color Club Minis and NFU-OH HOLO

Purple, Grey, Silver, Gold

Effects, Sparkles, Crackles


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