This is geared for all you ladies like me who love your lacquer. This is to provide everyone with a chance to talk about their favorite nail polish and at the same time, discuss how to take care of our nails.

The goal of this website is really to provide a platform for all of you beautiful ladies to come together and discuss everything dear to our hearts when it comes to our favorite lacquer.

Here, we are going to talk about the following:

  • Nail Polish Trends

Know the latest styles and trends on nail polish. Are you aware that there are new trends every year and every season? Be updated on everything nail polish related by checking out our blog section. This is to ensure that you are always on top of the latest trends so that you do not have to hide out when the tech from your Albuquerque garage door service arrives because your nail polish is not in season.

  • Nail Polish Brands

Are you aware of the best nail polish brands? Do you know that if you are pregnant or if you have certain allergies, there are specific brands that would be most appropriate for you? Here at Lacquered Lover, you will have all of these information and more. This is also a chance for us to discuss brands that are not so good or have adverse effects on our nails.

  • Nail Salons

What nail salons have you tried out? Which ones worked out well for you? Did you have bad experiences while at a nail salon? What are those? Feel free to share all of these and more in this website. You can use the forum section for sharing what you want the rest of this community to know or you can write an article yourself and submit it to this website so that I can post it on the blog section.

  • Nail Health

It is always important to talk about nail health. There are certain nail polish brands that lead to brittle nails and other harmful effects on health. Note that we should always be mindful of the fact that while we experiment with different nail polish as well as different brands, we maintain the health of our nails. Here we can discuss tips on keeping our nails healthy. We can even discuss different nail diseases and see how we can help each other prevent those kinds of diseases or find treatment solutions.

In this website, I am most proud of the fact that we have a forum section. The forum for me is very important for us to discuss and engage each other. It is also vital for sharing information, building and strengthening a community of women with common interests and goals.

I hope that you do not only read the articles and resources on this website. I hope that you also actively engage with our community of like-minded people.

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